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Ripple For those looking for cheap digital currency with strong growth and bright future

Ripple, or XRP, is one of the most expensive and inexpensive digital currencies . it attract the attention of those looking to buy cheap currencies now and keep them for a period that will not be short until they reach a high price they sell.

This currency, launched by an American firm in San Francisco, has a market cap of about $ 8 billion, launched in 2012.

commercial transactions used this currency and  intend dealing with in electronic exchanges. It comes in order to allow people to send money and pay without any hindrance or waiting, as happens with money in the real world.

about 25 other Markets  has supported this coin this year, adding them to digital currencies that investors can trade and people buy

Ripple passes Ethereum to be the second-most profitable digital currency


 Ripple growth in 2017 has never seen this currency

 Ripple growth in 2017
Ripple growth in 2017

Since 2012 and this currency exists but 2017 is the golden year for them

The currency ended the second quarter with a price of $ 0.263, up 1159 percent from the first quarter of this year.

Overall, during the first six months of this year, this currency  grow by 3977 percent, which is now we recognize by 30 exchanges through which you can buy and sell currency.

The continued popularity of digital currencies means a lot to her

Since the beginning of this year, more people have been investing in the digital currency sector, which has reflected positively on Ripple, which has gained more traders.

As this wave continues for more months and years, this means one thing for this currency – further growth, greater market value and increasing value to more than one dollar – and even jump to hundreds of dollars in the coming years.

A good choice in the face of differences that threaten Bitcoin

With the increasing threats of the split of Bitcoin, which we discussed in a race article entitled “Bitcoin” on the doors of the civil war August 1, 2017 Here’s what will happen?” Many investors are increasingly interested in finding stable currencies that grow strongly without causing differences between stock exchanges and trading platforms.

different betweeb bitcoin and ripple
bitcoin & ripple

The Ripple is one of the alternatives that awaits a bright future, especially as it comes to solve problems that did not destroy large digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and these solutions are in the area of payments and sending money.

But the path to the success of Ribble will not be easy

Hundreds of digital currencies compete today for leadership and success, but only a few will succeed and capture the largest market value.

There are a lot of digital currencies that appear and escalate strongly and then die and disappear and of course Ripple Ripple, which has continued for 5 years confirmed that it is not within these failed currencies.

The currency is the third largest currency by market value, with a market value of nearly $ 8 billion, compared to the second largest digital currency, the ethium, which has a market value of $ 21 billion, while the leading retailer, Citoyen, has $ 45 billion in funds Invest in the field.

What prevents the arrival of the value of the Ripple Riple to tens of dollars at the present time is the number of the number of where there are 38,291,387,790 ripple currency against 93,513,675 currency of ethium and 16,466,562 houses.

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