Top Five Traffic Analysis Tools in Social Media

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Traffic Analysis Tools in Social Media market is one of the markets that has seen significant growth over the past few years.In view of the importance Traffic Analysis Tools in Social Media and measuring its performance.

The most important traffic analysis tools on the media media

This growth has mainly led to the emergence of more than 500 tools, and a market size of more than $ 5 billion by 2020. This article contains some of the most important tools.

1- Lucidya

Is a tool that helps you improve and develop your marketing strategy through Social Media sites by providing accurate numbers and information about current performance. Ranging from user study and market research, through competitor analysis, brand performance tracking, customer service improvement, measurement of return on investment, etc.,

The tool provides you with a very simple and easily readable dashboard that provides you with a different set of information about interaction and users such as: How many people have used your Hashtag in their publications? And knowledge of the most interactive geographical regions and the number of views and the most influential interaction and the activity and follow-up rate of growth.


One of the most basic and simple analysis tools is the Keyhole tool, which keywordes on the analysis of algorithms, along with the analysis of various accounts on Social Media, which has been added recently. The tool also allows you to track, help, reach, and collaborate with influential people in your area to promote the spread of your content.

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3- Mention

The tool provides you with very clear and accurate figures for all the metrics you use to measure your success on Social Media. You can also compare your performance to your competitors’ performance in a simple format and through an easy-to-understand information panel. As well as the great assistance it provides to you in analyzing and fully understanding customers and consumers, providing a representative report in clear visual form, in different formats and also customizable.

4- Audiense

The tool helps you enhance your relationship with your audience and customers, helps you get new customers, conduct market research to the fullest, and is an integrated tool for managing audiences and target audiences. It also serves to increase customer loyalty and is used by nearly 10,000 companies and brands around the world.

5- TweetReach

After joining Union Metrics, the tool has been working to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of the results and statistics given to you by the tool. It enables you to analyze any publication on different social networks, study the interaction on this publication and provide you with the real-time monitoring system that keeps your eyes open. A set of tips and recommendations to enhance content access to the target audience and write more effective publications on social networks.


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