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SEO Tips for How to Build an Optimized Landing Page

How to Build an Optimized Landing Page

Landing Page is already a daily occurrence on the search results and should not be confused with the Squeeze page because this is a big mistake. The quick data collection pages called the Squeeze page are not related to SEO because they are intended to receive fast, paid, and unwanted visits from search engines.

Optimized Landing Page

SEO Tips for an Optimized Landing Page

As for the landing page already, there are SEO tips and procedures to improve it so as to receive increased traffic from the search engines is what we will talk about in this article.

It can be a Homepage and can be a page on a Subdomain

Goodbye to buying a domain for each product you are considering making its own landing page. This method is futile with the search engines and puts its owner in front of the option of marketing the page in paid ways, including ads and buying targeted visits.

A landing page can move up in search results and hold more than one keyword. If you own a major site and you have subscribed to this new page or considered the home page on the direct domain to be your landing page.

How do I assign my own domain or subdomain to the landing page?

The value you will get landing page in this way will be large and in a short period depending on the value of the main domain of the search engines. Where they appear to be another page of your site that offers good and acceptable content.

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Simplified design away from a lot of complex plug-ins

The landing page should be simple in terms of design away from the use of flash and the many code codes that make indexing difficult. If it happens, they will not control search results better.

The page also has to be compatible with all devices and different screen sizes in order to progress in search engines significantly and continuously. Google is looking to consider providing sites that are compatible with phones and mobile in search results more than sites that remain available in the form of a web version of the desktop only.

Strong and Attractive Titles

The landing page for your product or service must contain strong sub-headlines. These are the features you offer in your product that are often searched by your target audience through the use of search engines that submit your page based on the phrase.

Stay away from the audacious advertising style, which is reflected in the repetition we are the best in such and such, we offer you the best services … Let the quality of your business be resolved and make sure that customers know if you are the best or not.

There are not many Images and no elements that increase the size of the page

Images and videos with different types of content if most of them on the page have been heavy and slow and this is annoying to the visitor, who can no longer wait for a few parts of a second, let alone a few seconds or minutes.

Search engines also classify sites by their speed of access, and landing pages if it is the slow and large size I do not think they will make good progress in the search engines.

How To Design a Landing Page

Ability to share the page on Social Media

Many landing pages in the world lack social media publishing buttons such as Facebook and Twitter with Google Plus. The more visitors click on them and the more they participate in these networks the more you search results, especially the participation on Google Plus.

The absence of these buttons has increased the crisis of landing pages not only on search engines but also in terms of circulation and circulation among people.

How to Add Social Button On Landing Pages

The Title of the page is very important

After you’ve created your page in terms of content and general layout, think carefully about the title. It is an element that is determined by the content and what you actually offer on this page.

Try to be a very attractive title that makes search engine researchers press to explore their content and title preferably not long.


It should be emphasized that the keywords for this page are the same as mentioned in the content, but it will be a filler of words in the eyes of everyone, especially the search engines that matter.

What is the relationship between the landing page revolving around an e-book to learn cyo and between keywords in another field, such as “scandals” “policy” … etc? Do you think that anyone looking for scandals will go to a page with an e-book to learn cyo? The answer does not need to think!

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