ICO Currency

ICO Currency first Launched by PlanCoin Project

The idea of PlanCoin, which offers a platform based on e-commerce, money transfer and online trading services, has emerged ICO Currency. Project PlanCoin For launching ICO currency…

QTUM is traveling to the moon

QTUM is traveling to the moon, a simplified explanation

Among the cryptocurrencies that are known as the high growth indicator these days, we find the QTUM currency. Moving from $ 88 to $ 93 and moving…

Buy Ripple and Preparing Rippex

How to Buy Ripple and Preparing Rippex Step by Step

In this article, we offer you a guide to buying Ripple step by step. This guide is divided into three parts: Prepare a Rippex, buy Ethereum, and…

LSK (Lisk)

Lisk price rises by 65% on the BitFlyer list

Lisk price rises by 65 per cent after listing it in BitFlyer. An cryptocurrency exchange platform in Japan. Despite the fact that the coded currencies today witnessed a…

Blockchain in Canadian

The Canadian Securities Commission approves the first investment fund based on Blockchain

In a move that is the first of its kind in Canada. The Securities Commission of Ontario approved the first investment fund based on Blockchain in the…

buy and sell Ethereum

Best way to buy and sell Ethereum via MyEtherWallet

We offer you on this topic how to buy and sell Ethereum step by step. We rely on this guide to buy and sell Ethereum on the…


eCoin Trading Platform Overview and How dose it work

ECoin invites business owners from around the world to be part of this community. And accept the future technology of their business which will be the best…

LSK (Lisk)

LSK (Lisk) Weapon Blockchain to fight central

Understand exactly what is LSK (Lisk). In our time, we have the App Store and Play Store. Both are central solutions owned by two central application companies….

Streamity A new generation platform

Streamity A new generation platform for exchange of cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrencies will make the future of money very different from what we know or imagine. It has the power to perform transactions securely and anonymously from and…

China’s digital currency trading centers and its platforms in South Korea

The largest digital currency trading centers in Beijing have put off their stands in South Korea launches because of the uncertainty surrounding the Government’s planning laws. Where…

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