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Learn how to make money from Commission Junction

make money from Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a company for making money from the Internet is a company to give you products to be marketed and you can choose the product to be marketed from here

Commission Junction gives you a percentage of the profits that come from the marketing of the product and this company is old profit from the Internet, which is a company selling the commission and there is this company

Many competitors and the most famous is Click Bank click bank you can work with this company and market its products by publishing e-mails and through

Develop the appropriate plan that will qualify you to market the product online and you can work with it and read its terms

 make money Commision Junction
make money Commission Junction

make money from Commission Junction:

This company is a profitable company from the Internet to make money and there are its competitors its most competitive competitor is ClickBank

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As for the provision of Junction Company is a company to give you the products you choose to be marketed, but there are conditions before you accept the Convention Junction You must possess:
You have a website, blog, or forum.
You must agree with the companies that you want to shop for them.
Profit rates vary from one company to another in the Commune Junction, which earns from $ 1 – $ 100 per sale. Of course, according to the product
Marketing him.

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the way of profit of Commission Junction 

first, you should Sign up here You only need to write your data, but when you write your site description and describe your product marketing method, add this sentence
we will be using content/niche, PPC campaigns at Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Also, we consider using Facebook as a source of traffic but we will follow every advertiser guidance rules

After adding all data and activation, we will close the tax file

you can follow the way to sign up in this video

Payment methods are either bank transfer or check and less pay $ 100

Site configuration:

1- Choose your site specialization before you register from the basics
2. Add articles
3 – Choose a decent design for your site
4 – Choose a product from Cj and add either banner or link within the articles
5 – Work to get Traffic either free or paid.

A model for content marketing links
A model for content marketing links

Select a product from Commission Junction Cj

Access the control panel and select the product you want to market, for example as a slimming product as in the picture

Select product from Cj
Select a product from Cj

Network Earnings: The company’s earnings suggest if it is high that their product is good but competition is harder

When you apply to allow the product to be marketed, you will be asked to read marketing terms and words that you can not compete with as in the picture.

Marketing Terms
Marketing Terms

How do I market the product on the Internet?

can market the products you will market in a paid manner and you need a large budget you can also market online in a free way:

– You can create powerful content that ensures you strong traffic from the search engines and through which it may benefit the material
– You can publish in the countries of the target countries to sell the product you joined the marketing team

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How to market a video for only $ 6

Sign up for Fiverr and then choose a video upload service to most YouTube play sites, which will include the video product you are marketing you will find many videos for any product you choose, and then the owner will upload the video with your link to 80 sites to play videos This ensures that you have a good traffic rate that may lead to a good conversion rate and you steal money. After registration, search for Video Submission and choose who offers a lift for more than one site.

Explain the registration method on the site Fiverr and get professional services


Facebook is one of the most powerful and free to promote products, including free of charge, which is paid-for sponsored advertising. You can choose your product and assume, for example, how to sell it. How can I sell it on Facebook?

There are two ways:

Sponsored advertising: You will be guaranteed a specific category and a particular age and country, but the method of selling is not only the product status and details, but making the style of listing the product as if you advise the potential customer will be available in the vendor programs texts, pictures and videos of the product you can certainly use to sell the product Because this is the reason for its existence from the ground.
Groups: There are millions of groups on Facebook in each specialty and you will choose your field and the field of your product and you enter these groups and publish the product
But as we said the sales method should be interesting and not just “buy this useful for slimming” it will not benefit and will excite people from clicking on the product link from the ground up.


You can follow the people and their words on any topic through the Hashtag You can guarantee your account on and after the search, you will find millions of people talking about the subject of your product if it was about slimming, as explained, you can reply as a potential customer and recommend the product you are shopping.


First: Adwords campaigns will buy you a niche looking for products in your chosen field. When you choose, for example, the field of selling sunglasses, anyone looking for glasses will find your advertisement, which must be distinctive so that the potential customer presses it and buys the product you are marketing.

Second: Working on the site from exclusive articles and creating the site for search engines You can then watch the visitors as they arrive at your site through the search engines and buy the products that you are marketing.


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