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Monte Crypto New game offers one Bitcoin cryptocurrency for solution 24 “mystery”


Monte Crypto New game is planned to release a new game offering one Bitcoin cryptocurrency, worth $ 10027 while writing these lines. To the first player to find solutions to 24 mysteries, on 20 February. In relation to the btcrecover wallet recovery tool.

Monte Crypto New game

Monte Crypto New game offers one Bitcoin cryptocurrency for solution 24 “mystery”

The solution will require “Monte crypto: cryptocurrency Puzzle”. Players enter the world of the game and solve 24 puzzles, and players can solve puzzles on their own or form a group to cooperate among themselves. They can also leave directions to each other or perform some of them on blocked roads. To finally get the first to solve the 24 mysteries on one Betquin reward. So the game ends. It is worth mentioning that the price of joining the game will be $ 1.99.

The developers of the game wrote in the common questions of the game “Monte crypto”: “We are not here to make a public announcement. All in all, we see getting Betcuen as a prize in our game something fun.

In a surprising addition under the subtitle of the “Final Words” section, a direct link to the open-source btcrecover page on Git Hub was added. Which developers say may benefit players in their attempts to find solutions.

The project works on cryptocurrency games from a different perspective than those of recent projects.

What are Crypto Kitties?

The phenomenon of Crypto Kitties, which ran the Internet suddenly in December of last year before it disappeared. This month is followed by a new show based on Ethereum under the name DEUS ETH.

In this world, symbolic characters are passed through a series of loops, making developers look like the Game of Thrones series.

The Monte Crypto team at the same time wanted to remain anonymous until the winner finally won the prize.

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