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SEO Tips for Adding a Website to Google News to increase traffic website

We offer you today, for anyone looking for explanation or the way to add your website to google news in the correct form to increase traffic website. And how sites are accepted at stages in google news. In order to ensure that the website is added to google news, you should read the instructions to add the site to google news.

What is Google News?

You can not sign up and successfully add your website to Google News to increase traffic website. Only when you understand everything in this service. Otherwise your business will not be as productive and successful as you expect. Google News aims to gather as many new pages as possible and provide users with access to them. Providing the best possible experience for those looking for useful and timely news information.


SEO Tips for Adding a Website to Google News to increase traffic website

There are basic prerequisites for accepting your website and succeeding in Google News. You must adhere to and work to achieve the highest quality in your website to attract the attention of readers and researchers. And then to increase traffic website the conditions are:

  • Put the news in a timely manner about important or interesting things for the public. I mean you should be the fastest race in your field.
  • Develop honest news and adhere to journalistic standards. If you use a quirky and annoying method, Google will kick you out of the news.
  • Reference to the original and authoritative source of the news within your web pages. From reliable and credible sites.
  • Include social networking sites and private communication clearly on your website. Such as email addresses, real addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Readability helps articles written clearly and in close proximity to the visitor. And with the correct grammar and spelling, to achieve a better user experience.
  • The numbers must be at least 3 digits.
  • Google Spiders will search for HTML links with links that contain at least a few words. And away altogether from JavaScript, graphics links, or links in frames.
  • Search spiders will only include articles in HTML format. This means that spiders can not crawl PDFs or other formats other than HTML.
  • A robots.txt file exists.
  • It’s a good idea to determine your site’s language, target country, and use

Add your website in Google News step by step

Subscribe to Google News: News-Tools

You’ll find the set of sites you’ve added to Webmaster Tools. This will make it easier for us to verify. Select the desired location and click on Send as requested.


You’ll see a new window. You are required to fill out complete data about your site. Such as your site profile, information about you, your email, language, and country. And choose the jurisdiction of your site. Then press send.


finally, You’ll see the message in the picture that says: “Your request has been sent. It will be reviewed in Google News between 1 and 3 weeks, “You’ll find your reply in your mail.”


You have to wait for a week or less or more and you will notice a rise in the percentage of addition from 20% to 60% and then 80%.

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