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DasCoin plans to bring equality to the cryptocurrency industry

DasCoin plans to bring equality to the cryptocurrency industry. Many people want to invest in digital currency , but they are not technologically in orientation . They want a tech professional to do the mining for them or buy what they have pre- mined. That is how most altcoins, and bitcoins operate. some people have a feel that the system is skewed for tech professionals.

DasCoin plans to get equality to the cryptocurrency industry

It has a plan to get equality to the cryptocurrency industry. It is a blockchain that has members in varification to make transactions inside its ledger system. Also everyone can have the identification through the company, in spite of  the individual privacy makes the transactions is in maintenance. Furthermore the company overcasts the identity of participants as transactions are in record on it.



1- Equality in DasCoin Minting

In DasCoin Minting you will need to sign up for a digital wallet in decentralization on its official website. Also you will need to buy a license. Then you can receive your DasCoin. Developers are not available to do the pre- mining, and sell the good stuff to you at their price.To buy your suitable license directly from NetLeaders (DasCoin’s parent company) you can use euros or bitcoin. It is a one way to bring everybody to the same level from the start.


2-When you add to the DasCoin blockchain Family you can get commissions

You will add value to it when you buy it. DasEcosystem has a referral program. It is a marketing system that encourages word of mouth marketing. When you share benefits in DasCoin with your family members or your friends, and they like to sign up and use the DasEcosystem, you will have a certain amount of units in your DasCoin e- wallet. After that you can trade DasCoins for fiat money through DasExchange. Also you can use DasCoin to buy stuff online, and in physical stores. This happens through merchants stores that have support , and use DasPay. Furthermore this is a good thing for everyone who want to make money by sharing others to it.

3- Actual people to be behind DasCoin

There is a basic reason that digital currencies have to take off. This reason is that they have not regulations. Also they need to have organization, transparency, and responsibility to make investors feel safe that there is someone is responsible for their money. Diehard cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a central body that has responsibility can ruin the anonymity, and government. Free experience that is famous concerning the industry. Cryptocurrencies allow 100% anonymity. Although that it is abused by terrorists, malicious hackers, money laundering cartels,drugs, and human traffickers. They want to fund their illegal activities. There is no entity in responsibility to ensure everyone is playing fair.

4- DasCoin seeks to give help

The company wants to bridge this gap. This will be by authenticating its network of users. They use banking standard Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Also they use smart chip. The two enabled hardware to verify the DasCoin users identity. Furthermore Users will use the hardware to make payments in more 60 million merchant stores all over the world. This is by using Near Field Communication devices through DasPay.


Source: What is DasCoin (quora)

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