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How To Build A Website With Bluehost company Easily ?

I’m going to show you , how to build a website with Bluehost company from start to finish , so the first thing you’ll do is you’ll go to , and that will take you to this website , and we’re going to click ” get started now ”


Bluehost company
Bluehost company

Bluehost company Web Hosting Starting Payment Plans

What’s going to pop up is a few payment plans , and for 349 a month you can host one website , and for 595 a month you can host unlimited websites , and it goes on up from there . but I’m going to click the second option for 595 a month , because I’ve got a lot of websites I need a host .


Bluehost company
Bluehost company


So Bluehost allows you one free domain with your purchase , so if you already have a domain you can sign up here , but I wouldn’t pass up the free option that Bluehost is giving you . So I am going to I’ve already set it up anatomy of a website com , I’m going to pick that one and click Next , then I’ll enter my account information and my billing , then click Submit .

once you’re inside Bluehost , you’re going to want to install WordPress to your website . so click on install WordPress here and simply click install , pick the domain that you’re going to install WordPress to .

Now that we’ve installed WordPress to our site Bluehost , is going to give us a username and password and a page to log in from , and you’ll want to change that as soon as you log on for the first time .


Bluehost company
Bluehost company


Start Your WordPress Login

Let’s do that , so this is what your wordpress login will look like you’re going to want to copy and paste the username and password , that Bluehost gave you right here , and as soon as you log in you can change all this and I highly recommend it and of course I’m going to change it , because I’m showing you my login information right here , but that’s alright I’m about to change it .

So we’re going to click login and welcome to WordPress , this is WordPress this is where you will build your website get used to this, this dashboard because you’re going to use it a lot . if you’re building websites so here is what looks like a tutorial and I’m not going to go through it , but I highly recommend that you do .

Bluehost company
Bluehost company


Choose Professional Themes to Finish Your Site

Let me show you how to change the theme , you could go to themes right there or you could go to appearance themes , and I use professional themes that I actually have to upload in my wordpress site  , but there are a few free themes you can use  . click to activate any one of them just to see the difference , and of course it’s not going to have everything on it , because we haven’t added any pictures or anything , but see we’ve changed the theme .

Now this is the first blog post , it’s showing up on the homepage because there is no other content on the home page .

 Bluehost Web Hosting Advantages:

1- Money back guarantee

2- Very good uptime

3- cPanel is easy to use

4- Many databases are available, including CGI-BIN, PostgreSQL, PHP, Python, MySQL, and others

5- Many plans has unlimited disk storage, email addresses, domain hosting, and bandwidth




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