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Reseller Web Hosting,The Best Reseller Hosting In 2018

Reseller Web Hosting lets you to build a business concerning selling space on the internet. Also you rent server space at wholesale cost. Furthermore you can sell it for profit. we are talking about the best reseller web hosting in 2018.



Reseller Web Hosting
Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting in 2018

In 2018 the best Reseller Web Hosting are

1- HostGator

HostGator has many reseller plans. These plans are full of features for managing your customers, offering new services, and taking customer support.  All with a low price.



HostGator Advantages

1- Free ResellerClub Account

Through it you can have a free ResellerClub Account with any plan. This service lets you to sell 70+ gTLDs and ccTLDs to your customer. It is with up to 80% off registration cost. Also you can offer domain registration, and transfer from your account too. You can get both at cost.

2- Complete Control Over Resources

Through it you can have the complete control over the resources you buy, and how you allocate them. With many options in case you run out. Easily you can upgrade to another tier midway in a month so you do not lose potential clients.

3- HostGator’s cPanel

HostGator has cPanel. It is for your customer to use. Also it allows you to add your own branding to it. Furthermore you can benefit from HostGator’s backlog of video tutorials. You can add your branding to them.

HostGator Disadvantages

But there are disadvantages for HostGator. These disadvantages are that HostGator does not have SSD storage. Also it does not contain paid security services.

2- A2 Hosting

It is a great web hosting, and It has a good speeds. The usage is easy. Also there is a flexibility at a low price. It is much like HostGator.


A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting  Advantages

1- An Integration In cPanel

2- Choices Of free Billing Software

A2 Hosting has two different options concerning billing software. Silver accounts have the choice between Blesta or WHMCS in accounts management. Blesta is an open source that let you to customize it to be suitable for your needs. WHMCS is very famous. Also it has a large community for solving problems.

3- The Choice Between Windows Server Or Linux Server

You have the choice between two servers Windows server or Linux server. Your OS choice makes new possibilities for software. Also it depends on what you would  like to offer. Linux is built on PHP, and cPanel. It is while windows uses. NET cores, and Plesk.

4- The Support In Accounts 

The support in A2 Hosting starts for up to 40 accounts, and still in growing. Also you can have live chat, email, and phone support.

A2 Hosting Disadvantages

There are disadvantages concerning A2 Hosting. The first one is that there is not enough storage space to fill all accounts. Although that it is easy to upgrade your plan as your business grows. Also It is expensive, and contains confusing plans.

3- GreenGeeks

It provides you with many wide features.





GreenGeeks Advantages

1- Having SSD Storage

It has SSD storage. It is with HTTP-2 enabled servers, and has fully scalable resources.

2- Free WHMCS License

It has free WHMCS License with each plan. It is useful to make all your customers organized. The billing software is fully automated. It generates, and sends invoices to your customers every month. Also it tracks what payments comeback.

3- Resources Allocation

It makes you to allocate resources. You can move less or more to single account. Also you can have the full control that provides you with the flexibility to offer different plans to your customers. The resources you buy are completely under your control.

4- Having cPanel account

The base plan in it provides you with 10 cPanel accounts that are fully white label. Also you can add your own branding, and colors to the interface.

GreenGeeks disadvantages

There are disadvantages about it. It does not have many data centers. It has expensive plans outside shared hosting. Also it does not have cloud hosting.

4- InMotion 

It is one of the most famous hosting platforms.




InMotion Advantages

1- Having SSD Storage

It contains SSD Storage, and RAID-6 data protection. This provides you with the fastest speeds for data transfer. It is while maintaining redundancy. Resellers can get a few extra goodies outside of resources. Also you can get a free account with eNOM. Through that you can offer domain name, and SSL registration to your customers. There is also WHMCS billing software. It will send invoices, collect payments with taxes, and keep the track about all your current customers.

2- Having Excellent Security Suite

It contains high security. Patchman malware,and removal will protect your server from any malicious software. Also there is Corero DDoS protection that will prevent any danger.

3- Having White Label Hosting

In it you can use its resources with your name. InMotion will be in operation in the background. With that you will not find any confusion with your business or its credibility.

InMotion disadvantages

It does not have cloud hosting, Also the overwhelming when you choose a plan, and the existence for popups on website.




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