How to register in Moz tool website free?

Register on Moz tool website for free and learn more about its benefits and its importance to you by reading this article on our website E-helper Team.

Register in Moz tool website

1- Log in to the official Moz website.

This page will appear which as in the following image.
Click on the “log in” which referred to by the arrow.

Log in (Moz tool)
Log in (Moz tool)

2- Then Click on “create an account’’, which are located inside the red rectangle in the following image.

Create an account
Create an account

3- You will be taken to another page, so you should complete the data as shown in the image.
Read their terms carefully and then select mark in the indicated red circle as in the following picture.
Then click “create an account’’.

4- Go to your incoming mail, if you do not find your account activation message, click on the sentence to which the arrow is referring to as in the following picture.


5- After going to your email and clicking on the activation link will take you to the main site page as shown in the picture.

So now you have successfully created an account on Moz.

Moz tool advantages

Moz focused on the optimization of search engines, opens a chance for you to make precious use of your marketing in a useful manner, Some of the primary advantages, here are let’s read this :

A- Explore the keywords concerned

Moz enables you to identify the appropriate keywords for your software.

This allows you in your SEO Strategies to prioritize them.
You can also use the tool to import, export and create keyword lists.
It gives you comprehensive data, including the complete quantity of your lists, Challenge, priority, organic CTR and score.

B- Crawl and Site Audit

Moz controls whether there are any problems on your website which block heavy traffic.

This involves, among others, missing tags and broken redirects, that can be displayed on graphs with problem breakdowns.

By resolving these technical issues, you can make your website more efficient in SEO results and strategies.

Source: sparktoro

C- Improve research in construction links

New data or information added every day,
Moz provides link analysis instruments, Research for competitors, and live link index.

For example, it provides you with information on weighing at high-ranking locations.

It also enables you to understand how the rankings in SERPs can affect your inner and external links.

D- Measure rankings for sites

In order to let you understand which Keywords in SEO content because Moz tools enables you to monitor the output of your keyword over a certain time span, a week or a month.

You can also follow the SERP motion of your rivals to assist you to create your strategy gaps and to disclose them.

E- Moz tool advantages: Access metrics instantly

Until seeing any SERP or page immediately Moz offers an SEO toolbar.

It allows you to compare link metrics to your domain and pages authority rating opportunities.

It also has a highlight on the website, a page overlay and personalized searches.

Source: Forbes

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