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The best 3 MLM Traffic Sources

MLM Traffic

I’m going to break down the 3 main traffic sources that you should be focusing on with your MLM. And How to grow your MLM based on the price point that you’re selling.

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best 3 MLM Traffic Sources

1- Lead Generation

Everything comes down to conversions so when you first get online a lot of people they talk about Lead Generation. this lead generation that they conveniently leave out is that. If it doesn’t convert that is all for nothing and so when a program like say a $25 program not mentioning any names if you look at a program that’s $25. versus a program that’s $500 and notice. That get started with you’re going to treat those programs differently as far as targeting.

lead generation

Certain prospects and generating a certain quality of lead and so a program. That’s typically twenty-five dollars up to maybe a hundred bucks. What I’m going to do is I’m going to use what’s called a solo ad. And if you’re not familiar with a solo ad Where the solo ad is you have a person. That already owns followers of about a thousand right so they have this list of subscribers. They can now recommend your product/service program or opportunity.

Start A Lead Generation Business

They share your link via email to their list and when the visitors come over to your site. They sign up based on the great number of visitors that you two have you know their. The job is done they sent those visitors and your job is now to follow up. turn that traffic into signups and so like I said it comes down to conversions. The fortune is in the follow up so a lot of people they forget that. even though you may have sent this traffic to a capture page and generated a lead that doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is going to spend money.

2- Facebook PPC

Facebook PPC

The traffic source that you’re going to need to devil into that’s going to be Facebook PPC.  So anything about $100 to maybe 500. Even more, you know you can either use some type of webinar. Sales funnel you can have them hop on some type of call and you can follow up. And close them afterward but here’s. The thing you want to get as precise as possible and the thing I love about Facebook PPC.

How to Use Facebook PPC

Facebook you can actually target people based on their salary. Facebook you can actually target people based on their salary they start with their buying habits and also based on their location because a lot of these programs won’t accept people in certain countries. So Facebook allows you to get that extremely targeted with your traffic and of course is your job.

YouTube traffic source

YouTube traffic source

Now the third traffic source that I absolutely love is YouTube of course and YouTube is very inexpensive. In fact, it’s free supposed to video and get it ranked. So you want to do that in the background because that’s just icing on the cake. So any sales or signups you get that triple in. Those are just going to help you create leverage and create longevity because a lot of times when you reckon. When the last four months or even years at a time and so that’s the process.

YouTube analytics traffic sources explained

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