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Skyscanner Affiliate Program – Let’s know the main advantages

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Let's know the main advantages

Skyscanner affiliate travel program is the best travel affiliate program, in this article, we will explain the main advantages which you will achieve it.

What is the best travel affiliate program?
Can you trust Skyscanner?
Does Skyscanner have an affiliate program?
How do I become a partner with Skyscanner?

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Would you like to maximize traffic on your site?

By entering the affiliate program of Skyscanner, Commission Junction in Partner, a worldwide travel company you can partner with, additional income to gain.

Use the Skyscanner brand to serve your current guests better and to attract new ones Links to their offers, deals, and services on your website.


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Skyscanner affiliate program features

Skyscanner is a global flight, hotel, and car rental search engine.
They discover the best deals for over 60 million people a month and more than 1200 affiliates are already working with them.

A- World Brand

Skyscanner is a world-leading search engine for voyages where the plan is influenced by individuals and books straight at the best cost from millions of travel choices.
It is global but local and over 30 languages and 70 currencies are available for its products.

B- Always free and everything about selection

Skyscanner never charges users a fee, nor are they adding hidden charges.

They are also looking for millions of choices for flight, hotel and vehicle hire in order to offer you the best outcomes possible.

They encourage travelers to discover the universe every day.

Join your membership program, so that you can make your audience do the same thing.

C- Complete assistance (Powerful support)

You’ve got the instruments and Data feeds required in their affiliate program for getting your achievement.

D- Skyscanner Affiliate: Further income

When you transfer their website via a text link from yours, Flight and car rental banner or widget.

Here, You earn income! Fifty percent Flight Commission, hotels, and automobiles.

$1 app installation CPI.

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Achieve benefits as a member of Skyscanner Affiliate

You want to ensure that you get the most from being an affiliate with Skyscanner and that you use it to the best ability.

They have therefore put in some high-performance content with top advice and how can your commission be maximized, as follows:

Daily Flight Skyscanner Deals with less than $100

Travel inspiration is simple when these very cheap, budget-friendly flight options were discovered.

All round trips below $100.

Top of the content of their affiliates

These are some of our best links they believe your tourists will appreciate.

If you want a fast and simple thing.

Try to link the text link to the article or within the articles, you could directly link to the Skyscanner flight options.

Flight Deals Under $200 Skyscanner Weekly

Like 100 dollars wasn’t enough inexpensive.
The highest round-trip flights under $200 were also discovered.

Daily flight offers Skyscanner

If you are a dealer, These daily flight deals will certainly catch your eye.

There are Some incredible routes that offer up to 55 percent, Skyscanner will assist you to get the most recent deal at the last minute.

FAQ: Skyscanner Affiliate

Which Skyscanner products are commissionable?
Flights, Hotels, and Car Hire.

How can we work together?
We have three types of tools available for our affiliates: Travel Search Widgets, Banners, and Text Links. If you’re an established business and interested in our Flights API, you can apply here. Please note that applications are subject to approval and you’ll be notified within one month.

Why has my application been rejected?
We review every single application to our program. Unfortunately, some applications have to be rejected. Reasons for rejections could include but are not limited to:

How do we get remunerated?
Skyscanner is paid by a partner (OTAs and airlines) when a booking is made on their site. If users are brought to us by an affiliate partner, then we share the generated revenue with them, starting at 20%.

We pay commission on Skyscanner generated revenue, not booking or basket value. For example, if Skyscanner earned £10 revenue from a booking, we pay a commission to the publisher starting at £2.

More details are in the program descriptions on a country level in each of the Affiliate Networks. If you are accepted to the Skyscanner program, we start monetizing your activities straightaway. Payments will be processed by the network’s terms and conditions.

Offensive/inappropriate content
Site not relevant to Skyscanner or travel industry
Non Permitted traffic source
Site under construction or not live

Guide to our Travel Widgets

Add Skyscanner’s widgets onto your site to help your users with their travel planning.

Basic and Location Widget – (Flights)

Our Basic Widget and Location Widgets (Flights) provide a clean and simple tracked referral to the flight search on Skyscanner.

Car Hire Search Widget

Our Car Hire Search Widget gives you everything your users need to start a search for Car Hire on your site. The user can fill in as much or as little information as they like!

Simple Flights Widget

Our Simple Flight Search Widget gives you everything your users need to start a search for flights on your site.

Flight Search Widget

Our Flight Search Widget is similar to the Simple Flight Search Widget, but it provides comprehensive control of flight search on your site.

Hotel Search Widget

Our Hotel Search Widget gives you everything your users need to start a search for Hotels on your site.

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