Affiliate Travel affiliate – The way to apply with it affiliate is one of the biggest hotel suppliers in the world and also Best travel affiliate programs, so let’s know The way to apply with it.

You can choose from more than 500 000 hotels on today at

And best of all, by applying for affiliate program, you can become a partner for any of those 500 000 hotels.

If you always liked the travel and the hotel sector, Perhaps you like travelling and you often remain in hotels.
Here, will be the best choice for you. affiliate

The way to apply for an affiliate program at

The method is quite easy, just you must have a website related to travel or blog.

If you have traffic on that site this’s even better.

Now, Check out the affiliate program and begin the process of registering.

Using affiliate programme, you can begin to use once checked.

You’re going to get on your website your reference id and deep links can be established, boxes for search or iframe.

IMPORTANT: The commission calculates according to the split model of the commission.

This model has to do with a performance so you create more reservations, the higher you split your commission more.

For example, if anybody booked a hotel through the $100 your reference link and receives a commission of 10% for this agreement,

You are going to get 25% of what receives, To make a transaction of $2.5.

Plus you send more tourists to and further reservations will occur using your links, the more that you get a commission.
Your proportion of commission can rise to 40%, If you’re going to send more than 500 traffic bookings a month.

Tools at affiliate

When using the affiliate, what instruments do you have?

Let’s know it, Banners, profound links and search boxes are given to you.

keep links and likely a search box (If your website focuses on 100% Travel).

In addition to these instruments, your own dashboard is given.

where you can monitor the situation, how many people you send to, how many reservations and more you have.

Dashboard of affiliate program

IMPORTANT: Be careful about these figures, Start to find out what your chat rates are, Work on increasing tourist count.

FINALLY is an excellent instrument for affiliates, but to get a good commission, You must work very hard to send you a visitor.

Expand your traffic on your website, Provide more hotel content and your commission will ultimately begin to raise.

Source: Wikipedia

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