PAYEER E-Wallet -Cash represent payments on the Internet

Cash represent payments on the Internet

PAYEER eWallet is an installment system, for example, PayPal, Neteller, or Moneybookers with which you pay cash worldwide and can get. The outcome is a free e-wallet that you can utilize like a financial balance to pay on the web.

payment suppliers such as PAYEER are winding up progressively prominent in light of the fact that it is regularly less expensive and speedier universal cash send and gets

and is more acknowledged abroad as a referral of its ordinary saving money.

Numerous sites and organizations offer their accomplices and associate an installment of commission directly

to the PAYEER account, the payments are accessible in almost no time at that point.

The advantage of this payment supplier is plainly in the speed.

Also, have turned out to be basic for anybody on the Internet where to pay or get the cash needed.

as Netexmoney said in this video

The PAYEER eWallet details: 

  • Free Account (eWallet)
  • No monthly or annual fee
  • Send money by e-mail to other users (free)
  • High acceptance and safety
  • Currency account (USD, RUB, EUR, BTC)
  • received anonymously and pay securely and money
  • 24h E-Mail-Support
  • In more than 200 countries
  • Free deposit and withdrawal options

Is there a Visa to PAYEER account?

No, tragically PAYEER at present offers no claim Visa.

 PAYEER eWallet
PAYEER eWallet

Store cash in the PAYEER eWallet:

  • VISA or MasterCard (3%)
  • Bank Transfer (1%)
  • Bank SEPA (1%)
  • Received from a website money

Withdrawal options at PAYEER:

  • Overall free moment exchanges by means of Money Express to each individual the email delivery needs to send.

A genuine Other option to Western Union and MoneyGram!

  • can directly pay to their own bank account
  • Payment to a web page
  • VISA & MasterCard

Benefits & Disadvantages: 

Exceptionally compelling might be the PAYEER account, particularly for clients of sites Forex,

poker and gaming stages on the Internet.

Since the vast majority of these stages now years with installment frameworks such as PAYEER participate

what saving or the paying out improved tremendously and one can promptly discard the An and paid sum.

On the other hand, Exchanges by outsiders can not be acknowledged,

their own Visas or organization cards are not given.

In any case, it is conceivable to exchange starting with one record and then onto the next bank PAYEER.

In which nations can a PAYEER account be opened?

The PAYEER account can be opened in more than 200 nations, for all age,s and in the nation where they are domiciled.

Allude a Friend/Affiliate

PAYEER offers a one-of-a-kind referral program that pays an aggregate of 6 levels.

Here it is worth right likewise to tell his companions and forever exploit all exchanges.

Income over $ 100 is paid even in Level 1 with 11%.

  • Level 1: 10%
  •  2: 5%
  • Level 3: 4%
  •  4: 3%
  • Level 5: 2%
  •  6: 1%

Site proprietors are in the dashboard even some helpful API (money trade, payment system) with which you can acquire up to 40%.

Guidelines PAYEER Open account and check:

To utilize the PAYEER eWallet in full, you should take a couple of minutes after the enlistment for confirmation.

Registering with PAYEER is straightforward and in a couple of steps.


The following is to be done to confirm appropriately at PAYEER:

1. At the highest point of the correct side of the dashboard,

we run with the mouse on “Account No” at that point it takes a shot at the window and snaps by “Personalization” on the catch “Go!”

2. Presently we round out all fields of the individual, enter the visa or character card number,

and even affirm the telephone number.

3. Just now you can transfer a photograph in which you hold his ID and note with account no.

In the hand and the face and the open PAYEER account regards find out of sight.

On the off chance that all was well unmistakable, you get a mail that the record is currently checked.


Who need to move cash in various monetary forms or a great deal on worldwide sites has stores

or withdrawals which will be exceptionally fascinating as payment supplier PAYEER safe.

Since I pay a great deal even on sites and furthermore leave pay, my involvement with PAYEER has so far been sure.

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