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Top Google search engines Alternatives

Google search engines Alternatives There is no doubt that Google is the number one in the search engines, but it is not the only one in the search engines and in this blog we will display the alternatives of Google from other search engines

  1. YAHOO!
  2. Bing Search Engine
  3. DuckDuckGo
  5. Blekko

The Top 5 Google Alternatives and why should you use them?

Google search engines Alternatives
top Google search engines

If you need to search for something on the web, you Google it. Google is the most mainstream choice for regular searches among clients around the world. More than 65% of all searches by American clients are done on Google. Be that as it may, this Mountain View multinational is in no way, shape, or form the main search engine provider on the web. Here we’ll present to you a list of web search engines that are striking contrasting alternatives to Google and can stay aware of the business giant.

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While Google keeps on managing information insurance embarrassments, a few competitors have grabbed the chance to offer alternative business thoughts that don’t include evaluating user information. A few contenders, for example, Bing and Yahoo might be to a great extent replicating the plan of action of the market leader, there are numerous others that aren’t: a search engine market is a brilliant place.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world if you’re concerned with google keeping track of your search history not happy with their search results or looking for a change of scenery I’ll show you the top 5 alternatives you should know that could replace Google as your default search engine. Today we’ll talk about the most google search alternatives privacy

1- YAHOO! is not just an alternative search engine for Google

YAHOO! has partnered with Microsoft to display Bing’s search results in YAHOO!

YAHOO! is one of Google’s toughest competitors and has partnered with Microsoft to display Bing’s search results in YAHOO! Search results.

Not just a search engine but also an important source of news gathering and presentation. Users can also find videos and photos
YAHOO! Services

Yahoo! Incorporated: A US computer services company. It also provides other products and services such as e-mail, search engine, and news service.

YAHOO! is founded

YAHOO! was founded by Stanford University graduates Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and officially declared as a company on March 2, 1995,
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, at Silicon Valley

YAHOO! ranking

According to Internet data analysis companies Alexa Internet, ComScore, and YAHOO! the portal is one of the most visited sites on the Internet, with more than 130 million different visitors per month, and average visits to web pages. YAHOO! Global reaches 3.4 billion hits per day since October 2007, making it one of the most visited American websites.
Microsoft introduced to buy YAHOO!

On February 1, 2008, Microsoft made a bid to buy Yahoo! At $ 31 per share, equivalent to $ 44.6 billion for the acquisition of the portal as a whole. Rejected offer from the board of Yahoo! On February 11 because of the devaluation of Microsoft’s offer, they said.

2- Bing Search Engine is the best choice for you as a Google alternative

Search Engine Bing is trying to shake Microsoft’s standing.

It was an MSN search until it was updated in the summer of 2009.

Bing is trying to support your search by displaying suggestions in the left column while giving you many search options at the top of the screen. Bing will not shake Google’s site in the near future but Bing is definitely worth the experience.

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Let’s get to know more Bing features

Google search engines
top Alternatives of Google search engines

Bing is the second-best search engine after the search engine Google is also supported by Microsoft and Yahoo

Bing’s main page has a constantly changing background sometimes places and sometimes people or animals and others as it has its own ads

displays events and news on that home page

constantly updated in addition to Easily integrate it with Facebook account

works on Apple devices and Windows.

Microsoft encourages the use of the Bing search engine with a rewards program

It is always encouraging us to use its Bing search engine, the latest of which is the Microsoft Rewards program announced in the UK.

Microsoft Rewards program

The company launched the Microsoft Rewards program for the use of the Bing search engine in the UK after it was launched in the United States and is based on the principle of collecting points, which will increase with increased use.

After collecting a good number of points, this can turn into different prizes, including Xbox digital cards, Groove Music, or Skype cards, and Microsoft will be able to donate these points to charities in the UK where points are converted into donations, gifts, and supplies.

Microsoft Rewards System

Microsoft Rewards System operates in the UK as it works in America and you will get three points per ping search and the points will be doubled until August 15th if you are using Microsoft Edge.

Any user can get 30 points of search maximum per day (60 points if he uses EDGE).

It also gives one point per pound spent on its UK store.

Each user up to 500 points within a month will move to the next level where the maximum number of points can be gained per day to 150 points maximum.

Microsoft Launches Robot Chat for Corporate Service on Bing

Bing has developed a new bot that helps companies connect with their customers by pressing a button inside the search engine.

Chatbot Microsoft’s

Chatbot Microsoft’s new Smartphone to communicate with customers by answering their common questions about the service or product provided by companies, where Chatbot is programmed on a large number of frequently asked questions that customers can ask about, and through the artificial intelligence characteristics of the software will be able to Develop answers, adding many other questions, and providing companies with statistics about customer nature and attitudes.

It’s new Smartphone to communicate with customers by answering their common questions

about the service or product provided by companies, where Chatbot is programmed on a large number of frequently asked questions that customers can ask about, and through the artificial intelligence characteristics of the software will be able to Develop answers, adding many other questions, and providing companies with statistics about customer nature and attitudes.

Microsoft introduced the Chatbot experience by searching for the Monsoon Restaurant on the Bing browser, where the Chat icon appears next to the Questions box as shown in the image.

By clicking on the Chat button, a small new Skype window will appear, allowing you to communicate with the Smart Chatbot software, which will respond to customer queries in a highly heterogeneous way of interacting with people.

“Microsoft plans in the future to deploy a smart software culture, and mainstream it with all the services and products that can be searched through the Bing browser,” said Satya Nadella.

Thus Ping continues to compete and challenge to reach the search engine for the best results and the highest service

3- DuckDuckGo, one of the best google search engine

DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, The company is based in Paoli, Pennsylvania, and has 21 employees.

DuckDuckGo is manufactured principally upon look APIs from different merchants. Along these lines, TechCrunch described the administration as a “crossbreed” internet searcher. It creates its own particular substance pages, and in this manner is like Mahalo, Kosmix, and SearchMe. Weinberg clarified the beginnings of the name as for the kids’ amusement duck, duck, goose.


DuckDuckGo positions itself as an internet searcher that puts security first and all things considered, it doesn’t store IP addresses, does not log client data and utilizations treats just when required. Weinberg states “Of course, DuckDuckGo does not gather or offer individual data. That is our security strategy more or less.” However, they do keep up logs of all pursuit terms utilized.

Weinberg has refined the nature of his web crawler comes about by erasing query items for organizations he accepts are content factories, similar to Demand Media’s eHow, which distributes 4000 articles for every day created by paid independent scholars, which Weinberg says is, “…low-quality substance planned particularly to rank profoundly in Google’s pursuit record.” DuckDuckGo additionally channels pages with substantial advertising.

Google search engines Alternatives: Search Leakage 

search engines
Search Leakage 

At other web search tools, when you do a hunt and after that tap on a connection, your pursuit terms are sent to that webpage you tapped on (in the HTTP referrer header). We call this sharing of individual data “seek spillage.”

For instance, when you look for something private, you are sharing that private hunt with your web crawler, as well as with every one of the locales that you tapped on (for that pursuit).

DuckDuckGo avoids seeking spillage as a matter of course. Rather, when you tap on a connection on our site, we course (divert) that demand in such a route along these lines, to the point that it doesn’t send your inquiry terms to different locales. Alternate locales will at present realize that you went to them, yet they won’t recognize what seek you entered already.
Search History

search engines

Other search engines save your pursuit of history. Typically, your ventures are spared alongside the date and time of the pursuit, some data about your PC (e.g. your IP address, User specialist and frequently an interesting identifier put away in a program treat), and on the off chance that you are signed in, your record data (e.g. name and email address).

For what reason would web crawlers give your pursuit history to law requirements? Essentially on the grounds that law implementation requested it, normally as a feature of a legitimate examination. In the event that you read security approaches and terms of administration precisely, you will see that they say they can give your data on court arrange.

DuckDuckGo adopts the strategy to not gather any individual data.

The choices of whether and how to conform to law implementation demands, regardless of whether and how to anonymize the information, and how to best shield your data from programmers are out of our hands.

Your pursuit history is sheltered with us since it can’t be fixing to you in any capacity.

4-, The History and definition. search engine is still particularly the first choice for some clients in the USA.

It accounts for 3% of the aggregate search market. The predominant of search results are as yet not that much enough to satisfy the searchers.

This average search engine claiming to be a question and answer site, however the ‘famous Q&A’ search results found on the right-hand side that is extremely helpful if Jeeves himself can’t have the capacity to satisfy the question of the users. is a question answering-focused web search engine that conveys answers from the web and genuine people. It is a top 10 US site and digital brand ( ranked by Nielsen) with more than 100 million month to month clients internationally.

Established in 1996, was initially known as Ask Jeeves and had practical experience in natural language search.

The organization gained Teoma Technologies

In Sept 2001, the organization gained Teoma Technologies and started moving Ask’s calculations far from natural language search.

The original software was executed by Gary Chevsky from his own design. Warthen, Chevsky, Justin Grant, and others constructed the early site around that core engine.

In late 2010, confronting inconceivable competition from a more prominent search engine, the company outsourced its web look technology and came back to its foundations as an answer and answer site.

Douglas Leedy was hoisted from the president to CEO in 2010. now reaches 100 million worldwide users for every month.

through its site with more than 2 million downloads of its lead mobile app.

The organization has likewise released extra applications spun out of its Q&A experience, including Ask Around in 2011 and Plural in 2012.

The Ask home page is streamlined and basic – yet don’t be tricked by the simple interface, you have a LOT of search options here.

The standard Web search

Notwithstanding the standard Web search, you can likewise search for images, news, maps, local search, climate, encyclopedia listings, blogs and feeds, and then some.

You can see every one of these choices in the Search Tools window straightforwardly to one side of the main search bar. In the event that you click “More”, you’ll get significantly more Ask search goodies:

Advanced Search, Bloglines, currency conversion, desktop search, mobile substance, movies…it just continues onward! This is a genuine search engine client’s blessing from heaven.

5- Blekko, a new kind of socially search engine

New search engine Blekko is a full search engine indexing the entire web their goal is to compete with the big guys with Google being in yahoo but they have some really interesting features and their approach is unique which I think gives them possible chance in a very competitive space.

Blekko is a search engine that focuses on blocking spam and low-quality content sites the site has a smaller library of websites that it searches compared to other search engines in order to filter for only quality search results let’s say we want to search for scholarships when you finish your search Blekko will display your results below you can sort your results by date or relevance and choose a different search option.

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what makes Blekko different than the other search engines?

The first thing you know about Blekko is that their idea is that when you search that you will want to refine your search maybe vertically into a certain group or of sites or type of sites and refine it in other ways as well and let’s give some visual example.

so if you did a search for dell and we see is her relatively normal standard very familiar-looking search results for dell this is 1 to 20 of 156,000 websites.

it’s automatically sorted by relevance if you’d like I can do a sort by date by using what they call it the saj tag this is one of the built-in ones and this is now a reformat of the results by date.

and the date is they grabbed this family gets the metadata around the content that they’re indexing to try to figure out the date that it is um that it’s been published.

but there are other types of / tags as well and I Can use summer all of them.

so I Can just go do a search for dell and then add a / type news and get news results from a variety of sites.

Why Blekko different than the other search engines?

It’s a really easy way to get past a lot of the spam and get directly to the results you want and I think that heavy search users might really like this Blanco also is very transparent with how they rank websites and they’ll show you all the data that they have so let’s say I do a search for TechCrunch.

and the top result is tech crunch com which is great I can click on SEO and I can see some of the data behind a tech crunch that bloody uses to index it.

so they show 782 thousand inbound links they show distribution by the links by state country as additional data the domain is tech crunch com his last crawled 14 hours ago it was first seen by them 114 days ago.

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we’ve got a feature called / tags and a tag is a way for you to tell blekko to basically in the sites.

you want and out the ones, you don’t so you could put a slash tag on a query like I could do a query like Scoble / blogs and actually just search blogs.

I could say Scoble / date just search the web sorted by date for mentions of you how could you do / goble.

but get rid of all the mentions of Alex Kobo who’s my brother.

you know I think we probably could make a tag to do that would yeah.

we have slashed aggregation as well so and that’s what it’s all about it’s about searching the web you want.

so like when I do a health query I don’t like to get results from non-health sites.

I don’t like to see demand media results in my health queries I don’t want to eat how calm in there.

when I’m doing a health Corey can I want to trust health articles written by actual positions people with you know MD.

after their name and so when I put / health on a health query.

I’m basically restricting the web down to this trusted set of sources.

and for some queries that are really important yeah it seems to be the world today is that some things about the world that are different from when Google started up.

when we have real-time information Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google Buzz Twitter.

now it’s streaming down my screen on TweetDeck right in live time mm-hmm we have a location you know we have a lot of data around located.

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