A complete overview of the Binomo trading platform in Saudi Arabia

Binomo …Saudis are always fascinated with the world of financial investments. Since the advent of technology, financial trading has become an online business and hence, got a spurt in the number of traders globally. Lots of companies have taken advantage of this opportunity to establish a name and reputation.

Many of these online platforms are popular, and Binomo is one of the most reliable and prominent companies. What is Binomo investment? To answer that, we’ve provided a Binomo review for you to learn more about it.


What is binomo.com?

Binomo is the creation of the Dolphin Corp Company for online trading services in the year 2014. Since its creation, Binomo has built a reputation for offering one of the highest quality services to its clients worldwide. The company’s headquarters is located at St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Nonetheless, you can access all their trading services via the Binomo website (www.binomo.com) and the mobile app. Binomo trading has to do with international trading on an online platform, safe and legal in Saudi Arabia. Binomo is a client-focused company that provides one of the most dependable online services on trade. You need to register, learn, practice well before you begin real trading on Binomo via either the Binomo website or mobile app.

Download Binomo app

For easier access to the Binomo trading platform, you can download the mobile trading app. It is available on smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android. To get the Binomo app, go to your mobile app store, search for it. Download the Binomo app; get it installed on your phone. Unlike mobile devices, you can not download Binomo for PC.

How does Binomo work?

Online trading becomes rewarding when you truly learn and understand how it works. The best way to enjoy the opportunities that Binomo has to offer is by taking time to learn how Binomo works properly before you start. You can begin by trading with the demo account and learning via the free resources provided on the platform (Glossary of terms, Strategies, Help center). Check that you are using the right account type whenever you are about to trade. To change to the Real account type, navigate to the website homepage’s top right corner, just above the chart.

Select the asset you prefer, whether EUR or USD. Set the time (from 1 to 60 minutes) and amount you want for the trade. Then you do an in-depth analysis of the price movement on the Binomo trading chart to give a forecast. This is the determining factor of how good your analytical skills are.

The good news is that you can improve your trading skills so that you can get extra income. With your analysis, you should be able to forecast if the price will increase or decrease. If you think it will rise, click on the green button, but click on the red button if it will reduce.

After submitting your forecast for the trade, you wait till it goes through when you check if it’s correct or not. If your forecast is right, funds will be deposited immediately into your account (profitability on Binomo is up to 90%). It’s possible that your first time trading won’t be that convenient, but as you keep practicing, you get better at it.


Sign up and Login

Before you can begin trading, you have to register for an account. You can do it through the https://binomo.com/ login or via the mobile app. Go to the site; there is a Login button that you can click to sign up at the top right corner. Click the button, and then the Signup Page will be displayed on your screen.

Submit all relevant information for the registration. They include your email, password and account currency. Ensure that you read through and accept the Terms and Conditions for the Client Agreement.

After you are done with that, you will be sent a confirmation email that has a link to validate your account and email address. You need to carry out this account confirmation step. After you’ve completed all that, you can start trading on Binomo.

Also, you can log into your account through your FB or Google account.

Accounts types

Binomo offers 4 account types that you can use for trading. The demo account is for learning how to trade and hands-on experience with free virtual funds (1000$). With a demo account, you can get a similar experience with live trading while trying out different trading ideas and strategies to check out the outcome.

Other Binomo account types include Standard, Gold and VIP accounts. You can get further information about these account types benefits here via this link: https://binomo.com/information/pricing.

Binomo Tutorial

Education is important for trading. Don’t take chances with your real funds by disregarding tutorials before you start trading. The good news is that Binomo has provided free educational resources on its website. You enjoy complimentary access to all these materials, tournaments, demo account and analytical data. These resources will improve your analytical skills and forecasting. Take advantage of all the Binomo training so that you can give correct forecasts and get additional income.


Deposit and Withdraw funds

For real trading on Binomo, you need a minimum deposit of $ 10 or equivalent in the Saudi Arabian currency. However, Gold and VIP accounts are cumulative. To open them, you need a total deposit of $ 500 and $ 1000 respectively. You are only allowed to withdraw to the bank card or e-wallet you used to deposit into your Binomo account.

Withdrawal of funds from Binomo is possible to a verified card. Other means of withdrawal are also available on the platform. However, you should check for the limit allowed in Binomo and in your country for withdrawal. For example, Binomo’s daily withdrawal limit cannot exceed $ 3,000.


You can benefit from various bonuses on Binomo. You can get any of these Binomo bonuses by doing any of these:

  • inputting a bonus code from the binomo coupon;
  • deposit funds in your account: Standard – up to 100%; Gold – up to 150%, VIP – up to 200%;
  • activating a no-deposit bonus.

Also, Binomo gives its customers up to 25% of their first deposit.

You can get No-deposit bonuses as a Binomo client via your personal manager, for Gold and VIP accounts (on some offers), or by company promotions.

Is Binomo investment safe or not?

The rate at which people get scammed online is quite alarming, and you can expect that they would become more careful. So they need to know if Binomo is safe or not. But that is not the case here, the Financial Commission is regulating Binomo, and the company is known as a category ” A” member. That answers the question of “Is binomo.com regulated?”.

Binomo is regularly being audited by Verify My Trade (VMT), a specialized service that certifies its trade execution quality. When the whole auditing was completed, Binomo was awarded a Certificate of quality of trades.


Online trading can become an interesting way for earning extra income. You start enjoying benefits like profitability up to 90% on the platform by giving an accurate forecast.

But remember that you need to be aware of the risks associated with trading like this. If you give an inaccurate forecast according to your trading chart analysis, you are at risk of losing out of your funds. Bear this in mind as you begin your trading experience on the trading platform.

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