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Easy Tips about How to Get Traffic from Facebook

How to Get Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the second largest site in terms of the number of users after Google, on the whole Internet. Facebook users have exceeded 2 billion users around the world. Knowing how to get traffic from Facebook is important to every digital marketer. You can imagine the great marketing possibilities and opportunities you can get from Facebook traffic.

How to Get Traffic from Facebook

How to Get Traffic from Facebook

Freeway to get Facebook traffic

It is to create a Facebook page that specializes in a specific domain (or to serve your content). And the interest in publishing attractive publications to the participants of the page. In order to obtain interaction on the one hand, and on the other hand to increase the number of subscribers to the page. It should be noted here that success in the freeway depends greatly on the quality of publications and their attractiveness. Of course to direct Facebook traffic to your site. You must include links to the publications that you place on the page. Here if the fans (the page’s subscribers) find that the posters placed on the page are valuable. They share this post with their friends. Your page’s publications are therefore spread among new users. This helps bring new traffic to the site as well as increase the number of subscribers on the page.

The Paid Way to Get Traffic from Facebook

The second way to get traffic from Facebook is through paid Facebook ads. The thing is distinctive in this way. Is Facebook allowed to make an announcement only through the Facebook page?

This feature is of great benefit, and it helps to grow your page on Facebook. Because anyone who sees your ad and is interested in the above will join the page. At the same time, the site link in the publication will open. So you get the best possible benefit from each user who clicks on your ad.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of targeting settings available on the Facebook platform. Through well-targeted targeting. You can get a huge amount of visitors at great prices.

We all know that Facebook has a huge amount of data on its users such as:

  • Gender Male or Female
  • Age group
  • Personal interests and preferences
  • Degree and Title
  • Social status.

The wonderful thing here is that Facebook allows advertisers too. All these data and many other data are in the options image. Let the advertiser target their ad to potential customers only. Now that I understand the importance of Facebook traffic. And ways to obtain them. Let’s discuss other important points.

Good targeting is the only way to bring profitable traffic from Facebook

In the world of e-marketing, the value of the visitor is determined based on the possibility of making profits through it. The potential for monetization of Facebook traffic depends mainly on good targeting. What is important here is not the number of visitors but the interest of visitors in what is presented on your site. Let’s take an example to explain the idea of targeting Facebook in detail. Assume that you want to market some of the myc products through Facebook. I first created a website with pictures of your products.

A description of each product that deals with the quality of the product, its health, or its harm to the skin. Some testimonials from medical experts recommend using this product. And of course, you put a link to the Facebook page (which you created to get traffic from Facebook through) in a clear place on your site.

Let’s say you decided to create an ad campaign for your site. When you start creating an ad on Facebook. You will find a huge selection of options and ratings for Facebook users to choose from. To create a successful ad targeted only to those who want your item you have to be careful in your choices. In this case (marketing the products of the microphone) your choices must be very similar to the following:

Options and ratings for Facebook users to choose from.

  • Age group: You have to choose from those above 18 years and under 50 years.
  • Place: If you want to market your product in Egypt only, for example. You have to choose Egypt, or if you want all the Arab countries. You have to choose one.
  • Facebook also lets you choose a county or a particular county within a country.
  • Gender or gender-targeted to your ad: Females
  • You can also choose language-based targeting
  • Social status.
  • Owning children or not This is very important in the case of marketing products for young children.

I would like to point out one of these classifications. It may only be available in some countries and is not available in other countries. In the end, the success of your ad in getting traffic will bring you sales. Mainly depends on well-targeted targeting.

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