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Reasons why google AdSense rejected the website and how to solve the this problem

What are the reasons for Adsense’s rejection? This question is answered daily by everyone. Why was my subscription to Google Adsense rejected even though my blog is integrated?

why google AdSense refused the website

I may see you and your blog are great and contain useful topics. But Adsense may have an opinion contrary to your opinion. The Adsense is not an automatic engine that works through conditions. On the contrary, there are staff who evaluate your website and review it. And through them are approved or rejected. So today we will talk about the terms of acceptance of your website in google AdSense and some solutions to address the problem of Adsense’s rejection of your website.

why google AdSense rejected the website

I will show you the admission requirements in Adsense. If you do not comply with the terms, you will become a factor for your site being disapproved. Please do so in order to avoid rejecting your request.

Google Adsense Requirements

  • Personal Information

When you fill in your application details in Adsense. Make sure all the information you provide. Where they must all be true and true. Such as “title” must be in English and accurate. The important thing here is not to leave any empty cells. Perform a fluid check of the data before it is approved.

  • Zip Code

Most of us enter it randomly. This is the most important reason Adsense rejected to your site. Your address is not compatible with your zip code. So you need to know your zip code accurately through a post office located in your area.

  • Rich Content

Adsense does not accept a site that has several “2-3” pages. Websites with poor content are not accepted. As an article in several lines and pictures. So the solution here is writing great and rich articles with pictures associated with articles. And work on your blog to benefit the visitor and attracted not for profit.

  • Compatible Design

When an AdSense employee opens your site for review. The first thing he will see is design. If you find a design full of colors and boxes pop-up. A lot of side squares, slow loading speed. Your site will be rejected directly. So we choose the quiet colors of the eye, the design is simple and fast.

  • Website Specialization

I advise you to stay away from the sites of games and chat and download free games and free programs and pirated and ditches. It will send your application in Adsense to a definite rejection. So be sure to choose a unique blogging area with your expertise, close to your hobby or field of study. Because the profit from adsense is the profit of blogging.

  • Not to approach property rights

Such as photos and videos, because they will be like pirated software and non-free games. So in a nutshell I advise you to design your own photos. It is not difficult, and you can simply work with the paint program in case you do not have experience in Photoshop.

  • Adsense is the only ad network

Adsense refuses to have another ad company on the site. In my personal opinion, there is no alternative to Adsense in the world or a better profitable company.

  • Correct age

Your real age must be greater than 18 years. It is confirmed through your Google Plus account.

  • The presence of important pages

must be located in the header pages are important: About us – Archive – Contact us. Each page should contain the full information about your site.

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