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How to Use KWFinder the best keyword research tool

I’m sure you’d like to order top on Google. But that will only happen if you target the best keywords. KWFinder the best keyword research tool is an ideal site and. Today we will tour this unique tool.

How to Use KWFinder the best keyword research tool

KWFinder the best keyword research tool

KWFinder is a keyword search tool from Mangools. Which its primary task is to help you find the right keywords that will improve your ranking on Google. By using this powerful tool, you can find long keywords, low-difficulty keywords, and many untapped keywords in your site’s domain or activity.

What distinguishes this tool is that it enables you to obtain the exact search volume of the keywords of your content. Since  now displays an estimate for search volume only. Since then, it has become difficult to find the exact number of searches for a keyword.

KWFinder solves this problem and gives accurate search volumes for any keyword search. So far, you can easily find keywords in your activity. The tool is easy to use and provides many other metrics regardless of search volume only. Such as SERP results and BAC Link analysis. In this article, we will tour through the tool and will show you how to use KWFinder. Its context to find opportunities and find untapped and appropriate words with your site content. In the end I will share with you a KWFinder review and whether this tool is worth using.

How to use KWFinder to search for keywords

These are the important metrics you need to know about KWFinder. We now find some keywords that use this tool.

Go to KWFinder and enter your keyword. I’m looking for ‘on page seo’.

the best keyword research tool

Here is the result page. On this page, you can see keyword difficulty, google SERP statistics, and keyword suggestions. Let’s first talk about search suggestions first.

the best keyword research tool

let’s learn some terms that you need to know, when you start using KWFinder to find low competition long keywords. This will help you understand what these terms mean. So you choose the perfect keywords and do not miss the keyword search.

  • Trend

The keyword appears in the past 12 months. This trend appears as a graph. The graph shows the number of searches in the last 12 months.

  • Search

The average search volume for the keyword in the last 12 months. You’ll see the exact search volume for the keyword you’re looking for here.

  • CPC

The average cost per click for a keyword. This CPC is based on Google AdWords data.

  • PPC

The level of competition in advertising. Ranges from 0-100 where 0 is the minimum and 100 is the maximum.

the best keyword research tool

  • DIFF

Keyword difficulty. This difficulty is based on the metrics (DA, PA, MR, MT) of the top ranked pages on the google SERP. Keyword difficulty ranges from 0 to 100.

the best keyword research tool

  • Est. Visits

These are estimated monthly visits on google SERP.

In the following video you will find a simplified explanation of the character use the best keyword research tool KWFinder

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