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Akismet anti-spam – 3 Steps to install this Plugin

The Plugin ” Akismet anti-spam ” is very important to any person have a website and WordPress, so let’s know the steps that help us to install this plugin.

Akismet anti-spam

If you have a website for WordPress, you must receive unwanted remarks which may damage your content or your audience.

In order to avoid this, you must make sure you are protected from spam score.

We will present one of the finest anti-spam plugins in this post, and clarify how to set it up Akismet Anti Spam.

Akismet anti-spam

Once you have your WordPress page, it is necessary to get an anti-spam plugin, the instrument removes spam and prevents its appearance on your website.

It filters all incoming emails and removes spamming phrases.

There are a lot of plug-ins for the job, so what one are you supposed to go for?

From all spam control instruments, Anti-Spam Akismet is the highest recommendation by all. This is why:


To date, the plugin has blocked over 483 million spam remarks.

It is easier to tell which answers are spam with such a large database.

Integration of Jetpack & Contact Form 7

Combining both of these platforms,

Akismet can enhance the safety of your website and prevent spam from submission of the contact form.

Accessible price

$5 per single site and $50 per month for unlimited locations, Akismet certainly provide excellent cash value.
There is even a free version which also has proper spam protection.

Advanced Statistics

It also offers spam information on your site.

It shows annual spam charts, fake favourable graphs and missed spam every day.

Now that you know how big Akismet is, it is time to learn how your website can add it.

How to install the Akismet anti-spam?

Usually, Akismet Anti-Spam comes with every fresh setup of WordPress.

If by chance, the plug-in section is not available.

Here are three simple steps to set it up.

To Install Akismet Spam Plugin and Activate it.

Go to the Plugins menu by accessing your WordPress Dashboard.

Choose New Add and on the search bar type ‘ Akismet Anti-Spam. ‘

Akismet anti-spam

Click Install Now and then click “Active”.

Get the key for API

In short, For the Work, Akismet will require an API key from its primary website.
1- On the plugins, menu installed, Click on the Account Set up.


2- In short, Press on “Get Your API key button”, then click on “Activate Akismet”.

In short, With your account, you’ll need to register.
Don’t care if there’s no account you have.
With just a few clicks, you can build an account.
Hit the Approve once logged in.

Akismet anti-spam

3- Decide which plan to use for the subscription.
Primary packages are Plus $5 per month and Enterprise $50 per month.
There is also an option to subscribe free of charge, just press the “Get Personal” button.


4- In short, Choose the membership for free, drag the price bar to $0 is the first thing you must do.

Make sure you don’t show announcements, selling goods/services, and encourage any enterprise by inspecting all the boxes.

Akismet anti-spam

5- In short, Enter the email and name of your website,
then click Continue to Subscribe Personally.

Akismet anti-spam

Add the key for the API

1- In short, After the subscription scheme has been signed up, at the head of your Akismet spam counter, you’ll see an API key, here copy code.

Add the key for the API

2- In short, Go back to Installed Plugins and access your Akismet Settings page on your WordPress dashboard.
then paste the API key on the specified place and select API key Connect.

access your Akismet

Select your desired setup to start Akismet and don’t forget to save all adjustments.

Finally, Good work! Akismet Anti-Spam has been effectively introduced on your WordPress site.

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