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Email Marketing campaign tools – Top 3 tools ever

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Here are the top 3 Email Marketing campaign tools by a detailed explanation of each tool separately and knowledge its features.

Email Marketing campaign tools

Trends and forms of advertising are changing over time.
While certain trends are coming and going quickly, E-mail is one of the networks more or less the same.

In reality, e-mail remains the leading content marketing platform for marketers in both B2C and B2B.

It is used by 87% of Business to Business B2B marketers and 77% of Business to consumer (B2C) marketers to caring for their audience.

It can even help you broaden other social marketing platforms.
Hereby vendors also face a number of challenges in their attempts to sell emails.

One of the main challenges is the time it takes to build an email that looks great.

Any effective instruments, marketers can end up taking a lot of time to develop and send out e-mails that don’t look great exactly.

It hinders profitability as the email marketing ROI is dragged down.
This condition is tackled by many businesses because they are not willing to invest in a system simplification tool.

Nevertheless, email marketing tools don’t have to be expensive.
There are many free email marketing tools that can save you money and time, such as the following:

Email Marketing campaign tools

1. Sender tool 

This is one of email campaign examples and the best free marketing email devices, offering versatility to ensure its delivery.
This allows you to create awesome newsletters without needing understanding HTML.
Choose and customize a model with elements such as images, videos and text.
You can even personalize your newsletters to make an even greater impact for each recipient.

The analytics function is robust.

You can monitor who has opened your emails and clicked the links, and more when they are released.

It even allows you to create accurate customer profiles based on your subscriber actions, so you can refine your current email plan and persuasive craftsmanship offers.
Free service: Up to 2500 users (subscribers) every month and 15,000 emails.
Paid service: Begins at about 10 dollars a month.

2. Omnisend tool

Omnisend is a good marketing tool for eCommerce which integrate into one position all of your contact platforms.

The only email contains his free plan yet funding for small and medium-sized companies ‘ e-mail marketing efforts is more than enough.

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You can automate the delivery of your email using action prompts and conveniently schedule your messages based on the convenience of your clients.

To send more specific email marketing messages you can take advantage of audience insights.

Model attractive newsletters that use time-saving capabilities such as Product Picker, that helps you to choose the items in your e-mail that you want to use.

In order to further improve your email efficiency, you can also add scratch cards, discount coupon codes and gift boxes.

Free service: Up to 15,000 emails a week and 2,000 daily emails.

Paid service: $16 a month that is the beginning.

3. SendPulse tool

Send Pulse is a marketing platform for multiple channels, but the most common is its email marketing feature.

It contains a lot of professional email templates which with the drag-and-drop editor you can easily customize.

Then you can set up these personalized emails, based on user results, event trigger or other variables, to be sent automatically at the proper time.

The subscriber rating function of SendPulse is a perfect means of identifying the most relevant subscribers.

This helps you to examine each subscriber’s open and click levels as well as the read and unread rates.

Even to personalize your emails by name, sex, date of birth, age and job role you can define replaceable text fields.

Free service: Up to 2,500 users a month with 15,000 emails

Paid service: $7.88 a month that is the beginning.

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