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Google ads for Youtube and all you need to know about them

Google ads for Youtube is one way of paying attention to your YouTube channel.
Before we decide whether it’s the right choice for you, let’s learn more.

Google ads for Youtube

What Is Monetarisation of YouTube?

YouTube videos can do more than raise awareness of brand and product.
You can generate income, too.
Although for this reason AdSense is often used, there are other options available.

Some of the following options are:

Payable support: Through showcasing their items in the videos, partnering with other firms.

Famebit: Presents online marketers with video creators to collaborate for them.

Funding for the crowd: Give the audience help to your site.

Patreon: Opportunities viewers to donate to your site.

Patronage: In exchange for benefits, members will sponsor your site.
All of these are great choices, but maybe YouTube AdSense is perhaps the easiest cash-making path.

Google ads for Youtube

Google Adsense in 2019 allows advertisements to advertise on blogs or YouTube channels.

For every tap or printout, the advertiser charges.

Google or its owners share the revenue generated by the ads on the Website or the YouTube channel.

How does YouTube get AdSense?

In short, YouTubers who want to profit from this will set up a Google AdSense account free of charge because you can make money by Google Ads with an easy way.

  • You can connect the account to your YouTube account.
  • Also, You can monitor the types of ads on your videos using the dashboard on your YouTube AdSense account.
  • You can also monitor your revenue from the advertising on the dashboard.

Specifications YouTube AdSense

Your content must be unique, you must follow AdSense rules for the content you create, and you must be 18 years old or older.

Because this is a Youtube marketing strategy and an SEO on Youtube.

Program of YouTube Partners

In short, To get your YouTube channel’s revenue, in the YouTube Partner Program you must also accept, that has specifications of its own.

Eligible program participants have:

1,000 participants have benefited.

4,000 hours of watch accumulated over the past year.

The copyright laws have been understood and acknowledged.

You can’t pay your channel money until the YouTube Partner Program accepts you and have your AdSense Google account setup.

Both are mandatory steps whether you want your videos to generate revenue.

Give your ad configuration

Since Google ads and the YouTube Partner Program have been approved,

you can link your YouTube channel to your AdSense account.

So the ad and monetisation settings must be customised.

Keep up to comply

Finally, It is your responsibility to ensure that your channel continues to fulfil all the demands for monetization after everything has been set up.
The YouTube AdSense rules must also be followed.

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