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Backlinks are Not by Quantity but in the Quality

Backlinks are important to your site: Backlinks are a metric used by Google to calculate how much and how popular your site is on the Internet. The more external links to your site, the more popular your site in Google’s eyes.

Not by Quantity but in the Quality

The more you put a link to your site in a stronger position of you leads to raise your ranking is a great vote for the popularity of your site. But if you use the programs that add your site in moments in hundreds of other sites, Google has the ability to know when this link has been placed, so if you do this manually yourself do not put links in different sites different time.

Backlinks are Not by Quantity but in the Quality

The most important thing is to know the rules and updates of Google and to see them continuously to the success of the SEO plan your site and e-marketing, Fa Google is making updates from time to time and the latest Google Panda and Google Penguin or Penguin.

This update came to punish all those who use illegal methods to increase their rank in Google. Thinking that in such ways will succeed the plan to publicize the site.

Also, you do not set up a Linux account that speaks of a different domain from your domain. For example, if your site is talking about real estate, do not place a link in a site that talks about tourism, art or anything else.

Also do not put backlinks for your site only for the home page, but diversify the links

If you are working on a complete marketing plan. You should use them all in the process of baccalaureate Backlinks, and connect them all with some, for example, that you shop on your site in YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, LinkedIn, forums and other sites. It is better to make a video, for example Put your website link with the video, then create a placement in the blog of your site and put the video. Which is basically link to your site, and then create another topic in the blog and put a link to link to a page of your site. Then do a topic in the forum and put a link to the blog, Basically by linking to your site, and so on.

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