How to create Payoneer account step by step

Let’s know how to create Payoneer account because as we knew this bank in one of the best online banks 2019 and knowing that is an important thing.

How to create Payoneer account

1- Tap here to visit Payoneer’s official website

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How to create Payoneer account
How to create Payoneer account

2- Go to register

It should be two buttons to sign up, the two is true.

3- Complete the form given in your details.

How to create Payoneer account
How to create Payoneer account

IMPORTANT: Here you create a bank account, so it should all match your identification methods.
Click the next move when you complete the form.

4- You will then be taken to another form in which your contact details will complete.

Sign Up
How to create Payoneer account

Complete every description with precision and care, where your MasterCard also delivered is your contact info, so trust me that you need it.

5- Fill in your e-mail and security information here.

Complete your email address.

Fill in your username, it’s hard for anyone to guess, but you must remember this password goodly.

Choose your question of security: If you lost your account or anything else, this query may be helpful.

Please indicate here, if your identification means are from a country other than your contact.

6- Complete the details about your bank account.

If you want bank transfers, you need it, may later be modified.

How to create Payoneer account

If your SWIFT / BIC code isn’t knowing, allow your bank BIC google search e.g. “Eco Bank Swift code.”

7- Choose the “Conditions Agreement” tab, then press the Submit button.

If the steps have been taken, you will receive a confirmation message stating “Your application analysis is underway.”
Normally it takes a couple of hours, but it takes 2 days.

How to order MasterCard from Payoneer?

When your Payoneer account is approved.

You now have time to order a Payoneer MasterCard.

1- Log in your account with Payoneer.
2- Tap to “Order Payoneer MasterCard Prepaid”
3- Complete the detail of your order.

IMPORTANT: For these two go, you should deposit a minimum of $30 in Payoneer account, that needs about 3 years ago.

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