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Make money with ClickBank step by step

Make money with ClickBank. read this article of what we will be covering to help you to do it. There are 4 major steps:

Make money with ClickBank

way to make account in ClickBank

I found that if I explain the way to make an account by photo is an good idea so I will explain here the way to make an account.

step 1


step 2


step 3


step 4


step 5


step 6


step 7


after we make an account then we must know the way to choose the product you will market it.

1- Make money with ClickBank and Understand the dynamics of Clickbank.  

Understanding the overall ClickBank concept becomes immensely important If you want to know how ClickBank works.

The company’s commissions are a key consideration when you’re looking with ClickBank to make money.

After that, ultimately it will decide how much earnings you can lock in.

The good news is the commission range offered in this platform varies from 5 – 75 per cent and anybody doing business with them have a good chance of clocking in some smooth gains.

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2- Make money with ClickBank and how it functions?

When you started your research on how to make money with ClickBank, I’m sure. You’ve also read a lot of negative content.

While we’d say making your first $ 100 on this platform is by far the hardest proposal, With ClickBank, but it is not impossible.

So let’s first understand how to gain of first $ 100  in detail.

A- Register and Identify:

Once an account has been created, Identifying a product you would be interested in promoting would be your next step.

To start with, choosing a reasonably priced product to promote is a great idea.

While the exact commission amount will vary from business to business, To yield $ 100 as ClickBank returns, you would need about 8 – 10 sales on average.

ClickBank’s average commission ranges closer to 50% than 5%, although you have options across the board.

B- Inversely related pricing commission:

The higher the price tag, the lower the commission you can earn from it.

So never make the mistake of selecting all expensively priced products in the hope of earning higher returns from everyone.

C- Explore the marketplace of ClickBank:

Once the filters are reset to reflect your search options clearly, You’ll see a number of available product lists.

It is all products that you have chosen are available on ClickBank according to the prerequisites.

They will normally divide their commission rates and prices at the same time.

D- Product selection:

Choosing the ClickBank product is without a doubt one of the easiest tasks.
Just click the green button next to the name of the product.

The moment you click ‘ Promoting, ‘ Details of your account name and affiliate code will appear in the pop – up window.
Now, this is basically the connection between you, ClickBank and the product you’d promote.

You will be promoting this specific code in very simple terms in order to earn the commission you are targeting.

This is the important code that keeps the account book in your particular name jingling.

You’re so much closer to your first $ 100 every time someone buys a product using this code.

E- Select a platform:

You must understand that on a wide range of platforms you can promote these products. Such as Blogs /Social network sites/FaceBook pages.

The whole idea is to drive to your site as much traffic as possible.

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3- Setting up the right ClickBank Commission forum

A- Starting to incorporate the affiliate link you have as part of your online signature is one of the easiest options.

B- When you explore different ways, you can make money with ClickBank. Making sure that the text accompanying your affiliate code is very hard-hitting and effective is very important.

C- Another simple solution to increase exposure would be to register in as many forums as you can.

D- In addition, testing the product you are initially promoting on ClickBank is always a good idea.

4- Convert clicks to purchases.

Before you start sharing, you need to know how to create value.

it is important to create a sense of value for providing good quality content to your viewers becomes essential.

This serves a dual purpose; It will increase your sales and increase your credibility at the same time. Once you have established this bond successfully, Your followers wouldn’t have to be nudged many times as well.

They’re going to do that on their own.

So now the question moves from how to make money with ClickBank to how to forge relationships with ClickBank that can help you make money?

Well, email marketing and responding to comments and views on your blogs would be one of the easiest options.

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Six steps from Clickbank to find the best products to market them

1. Brainstorming for the Choice of niche in Click Bank

 The first thing you need to do is to think about the market that you should work for,

choose a market related to your hobbies, skills, feelings and experiences as an excellent starting point (after all, you will spend a lot of time to think about it!).

Are you a fan of cats? Have you experienced certain health problems?

Did you make other languages ​​at your school?

Are you a reference to your friends when it comes to emotional relationships?

If you can say that having a prior knowledge of the Natsch is the most important point of strength for you when you start marketing,

it is simply much faster and when you know something you can write about it with unparalleled brilliance which makes it easy to convince your customers to buy from you.

So you should browse the Clickbank market and select some of the caegries to work on,

but at the same time you should consider that the punch is profitable for you and the products are required in the market.

So the next five steps are very important to help you on your Clickbank journey.

2.Understand your customers

Suppose you added “guitar playing” to your niche list in the first step:

if you want to pursue this idea further, it is very important to understand who your potential customers are for your products and what they are interested in, and what they are buying.

The easiest way to understand what is going on in the mind of shoppers associated with your product is by browsing the relevant forums for your chosen niche.

This is a great way to know the needs of buyers, their desires, and the problems they face.

For example, some people in the guitar playing market will be looking for free paper to play the guitar.

These people probably will not be interested in buying something from you.

Others want to learn the guitar quickly so that they can participate in a concert that is coming or the like.

These people are more than they need to buy something to help them achieve this goal.

So browsing the Guitar Interested Forums will help you understand what matters most to people interested in playing the guitar,

which in turn will help you choose the best products to market them to.

Some other things to keep in mind when reading: How do you target “reckless” buyers in this market?

What is meant here is the shopper urgently in need of the commodity it offers.

How big is your niche market?

If the size of the market is fairly small you may find the opportunity to get to the front pages of the search engines easily

but if the market is big and many marketers here will face a lot of problems than the competitors are stronger

than you in this area and you will find it difficult to appear in the front pages of your search engines.

3.Choose the best-selling product

To learn how to choose the most selling product accurately read this article.

Clickbank uses a measure called “Gravity” to represent the quality of each product, based on the quantity sold from that product and the period in which it was sold. The more sales in recent days, the greater the Gravity of the product.

In general, products with more than 100 Gravity mean that there is very fierce competition among the sellers on this product, but do not let this frustrate you.

Competition here is good because it means that there is a big demand for this product which means more shoppers and more opportunity for you dear marketer

To generate more sales, and also means that you can find many partners in this hunt to work together.

It should be noted here that the products with little Gravity do not mean their failure or they will not sell,

sometimes it may be the opposite that the product is still new or it is an undetected gem so be careful with these products.

4.High Commission (65% and above)

When choosing a product, you must choose a high-paying product.

You will not be rich in a $ 2 commission.

This commission will not cover your fees and advertising costs, whether it’s Facebook or AdWords.

If you have to choose a product that pays at least $ 18, The product, which cost more than $ 13, is great.

Of course, the author agrees with what he said about that if the price of the product is high,

there is a good deal of satisfaction with the commission a few and mean here if the price of the product $ 100 and the commission of 40% This means that your commission $ 40 is not bad at all.

5.Is the seller page convincing?

Now it is very important to take a long look at the seller’s page, because you will simply rely on them for sales, do you look convincing?

Do you deal with what the market wants? Do they seem credible? Or is it incredible? Will you buy from a site that looks like this?

review some of the ClickBank strategies marketing professionals

Choose your products with great care and accuracy. First, success is the foundation and this is some of the best selling products from ClickBank. For signing up click on ClickBank.  Also it is the most sought after people.starting you get in the site .

ClickBank strategies
ClickBank strategies

some of the best selling products from Click Bank

Internet profit products:

All the products that teach you how to profit from the Internet such as profit education from Click Bank itself. the products of teaching commissions  e-marketing and SEO products that learn how to get visitors and customers to your product and services any products specialized in Traffic

Weight loss products:

These products help teach you how to get rid of excess weight and get an ideal body for both sexes for females or males

Forex Trading Products:

They are products that learn how to multiply profits in the trade of currencies and derivatives, and are electronic educational books or robots, and the commission rate is very high, where you can get a commission of nearly $ 100 or more because of the high price of the product, Targeting a high-income segment with the ability to buy high-value products to maximize profits.

These are the best products or disciplines that sell well on ClickBank. They have a lot of competition from online marketers, which explains why these are highly profitable and can be marketed to earn Money from the net

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